DCMTK updated after DICOM WG-06 meeting in March 2016

Last week, the DICOM Working Group 6 (WG-06) met again and approved a single supplement and various correction items (CPs) for “final text” or “draft final text – waiting for codes”. The previous meeting of WG-06 (Base Standard) was in November last year.

Here is the list of supplements and a selection of correction items that were approved after DICOM 2016a has been released:

  • Supplement 185: Content Assessment Results IOD
  • CP 1492: Alternative Calender and Archeological Patient
  • CP 1521: Add Root Template Definition
  • CP 1525: Water equivalent diameter for CT RDSR
  • CP 1526: Correct order of reference to pixel spacing values in SR Image Library
  • CP 1529: Private Creator once per group
  • CP 1536: Add support for HTTP/2 to Web Services

A complete list of correction items that were approved can be found on David Clunie’s “DICOM Standard Status” page. This web page also includes links to the original documents that are stored on the NEMA ftp server.

We have taken the opportunity to update the current development version of the DCMTK again regarding the data dictionary (DICOM attribute tags), the list of known UIDs (SOP Classes) and Directory Record Types (DICOMDIR).

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