DCMTK always up-to-date

Starting with version 3.6.0, we are trying to keep the DCMTK always up-to-date with regard to the changes of the DICOM standard. Of course, because of our limited manpower we usually have to concentrate on a few aspects that are most relevant for the majority of the DCMTK users:

  • Data Dictionary (tag definitions)
  • List of SOP Classes and Transfer Syntaxes
  • Directory Record Types (DICOMDIR)

So whenever you download the latest snapshot of the DCMTK, the above-mentioned aspects should reflect the current status of the DICOM standard. Also in between, you can check the public git repository in order to find out whether a recent final text Supplement or CP has already been incorporated. We hope that this “new” approach also helps to reduce the work for the next official DCMTK release 🙂

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