DCMTK updated after DICOM WG-06 meeting in November 2015

Last week, the DICOM Working Group 6 (WG-06) met again and approved various supplements and correction items (CPs) for “final text” or “draft final text – waiting for codes”. The previous meeting of WG-06 (Base Standard) was in September this year.

Here is the list of supplements that were approved after DICOM 2015c has been released:

  • Supplement 156: Planar MPR Volumetric Presentation State
  • Supplement 174: RESTful Rendering
  • Supplement 181: Tractography Results Storage SOP Class
  • Supplement 184: Brachytherapy Delivery Instruction
  • Supplement 187: Preclinical Small Animal Imaging Acquisition Context

A list of correction items that were approved since then can be found on David Clunie’s famous “DICOM Standard Status” page. This web page also includes links to the original documents that are stored on the NEMA ftp server.

We have taken the opportunity to update the current development version of the DCMTK again regarding the data dictionary (DICOM attributes) and the list of known UIDs (SOP Classes). We have also updated the “dcmsr” module regarding the list of supported Structured Reporting (SR) IODs. What is still missing can be found in DCMTK’s public issue tracker in the category “conformance“.

The next (consolidated) edition of the DICOM standard is expected in early 2016…

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