The following text is a translated version of the German “Datenschutzerklärung“, which is authoritative (in case of doubt). 

Privacy Policy Statement

I take your privacy very seriously. Your personal data is protected according to the applicable statutory provisions. On my Internet pages, personal data is only collected to the required extent.

In the following, I would like to inform you about how I deal with your data and what are your rights according to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Collection and Processing of Data

Each access to one of my web pages and each retrieval of a file that is linked on one of my web pages is logged on the web server. The storage of log files serves internal system-related and statistical purposes. The following data is logged:

  • which web page or file has been requested,
  • date and time of the request,
  • the amount of data transferred,
  • the access status (file transferred, file not found, etc.),
  • the type and possibly the version of the web browser used (so-called user agent),
  • the address of the last visited web page (so-called referrer),
  • the IP address of the system that was used to request the web page or file.

Details on the “user agent” and the “referrer” can usually be configured in the web browser. Specifically, the transfer of this kind of data can be disabled, either partially or completely.

All this data is always stored and evaluated in an anonymized manner. For this reason, the IP address of the system that requested the web page or file is shortened in a way that makes it impossible to identify a particular person. Furthermore, there is no combination with other data. The log files are deleted automatically after 180 days.

In order to protect my web site against malicious attacks from the Internet, the IP address of those systems that have been classified as suspicious is first stored and then blocked if repeated access takes place. The log files that are created for this purpose are deleted automatically after 30 days.

For technical reasons, some parts of my web site use so-called cookies. These small text files can be stored on your device and read from it. Using such cookies, no data is collected that allows for identifying a particular person. By configuring the web browser accordingly, the storage of cookies can be restricted or even prohibited. Stored cookies can also be deleted at any time. The cookies created by my web site are usually deleted when the web browser is closed (so-called session cookies).

Further personal data is only collected if you give it to me voluntarily, e. g. in the context of a request or registration.

Use of Data

I adhere to the principle of the appropriate use of data and collect, process and store your personal data only for the purposes you gave it to me, and for technical administration purposes. Your personal data is never passed to third parties without your consent unless it is required to provide the service or to perform the contract. In order to operate my web site and the email communication, I made an agreement with a service provider who serves as a processor according to GDPR.

The transfer of personal data to governmental institutions and authorities entitled to receive such data is limited to the statutory provisions, which includes judicial decisions that oblige me to disclose your data.

Your Rights

You have the right to be informed about your personal data that is stored, about its origin and receivers as well as about the purpose of storage. At any time, you can ask me to rectify or delete as well as to restrict processing of your stored data. Furthermore, you can revoke your previously given consent to data collection and use at any time with effect for the future without giving reasons. Please contact me at the address given in the impressum.

Your stored personal data is deleted when you revoke your consent to storage, when the data is no longer needed for the original purpose or when the storage is forbidden for other legal reasons.

If you consider that processing your data breaches data protection regulations, you have the right to lodge a complaint with a regulatory authority.

Data Security

In general, access to my web pages is encrypted. TLS encryption is in place if the web address starts with “https://”. In addition, many web browsers show a green lock near the web address. That way you can be sure that communication between the web server and your web browser can neither be eavesdropped nor manipulated.

Since email communication usually takes place in an unencrypted way, I cannot ensure data security completely. If you want to send confidential information to me, I recommend to use the PGP/GPG encryption technique. My public key and the associated fingerprint are available on my contact page.

Changes to this Privacy Policy

I reserve the right to modify the security and data protection provisions if required due to technical development or changes to legal conditions. In such cases, I will also also update the details on data privacy / protection. For this reason, please always consider the current version of the privacy policy statement.