Sixteenth DCMTK snapshot version 3.6.1

Today, a new development snapshot of the DCMTK has been made available. This is the sixteenth snapshot after the official release of version 3.6.0. As always, we have updated the code for the latest changes to the DICOM standard. In other words, the data dictionary, the list of SOP Class and Transfer Syntax UIDs as well as the “DCM” Code definitions and Context Group classes are up-to-date, i.e. based on the current edition of the standard text (DICOM 2016c).

These are the main changes of this snapshot:

  • Added new module “dcmtract” for Tractography Results (Supplement 181).
    • Provides a dedicated API to create and read Tractography Results objects.
    • Also enhanced the underlying base modules “dcmiod” and “dcmfg”.
  • Further enhanced DICOM Structured Reporting (SR) module “dcmsr“:
    • Added new tree node cursor class for iterating over included template nodes.
    • Added methods for getting an external cursor to the root node of the document tree.
    • Improved handling of by-reference relationships with nested sub-templates.
    • Enhanced check for invalid characters in the text value of a content item.
    • Many further enhancements making it easier to create and iterate SR documents.
  • Added support for three new Storage SOP Classes for DICOS (Digital Imaging and Communications in Security), i.e. the UID values.
  • Added support for new Directory Record Type “ASSESSMENT” (Supplement 185).

As usual, we have also fixed a number of issues that were detected after the publication of the previous version. All details on what has changed can be found in the corresponding CHANGES file. If you are interested in the differences on a source code level, please check the web interface of our public git repository.

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