DICOM 2018e

A few days ago, the 2018e edition of the DICOM standard has been made available on the NEMA server. Compared to the previous edition from September this year, 4 supplements and 20 correction items (CPs) have been incorporated. The standard text now consists of almost 6,300 pages (PDF version).

The supplements and a selection of the correction items are:

  • Supplement 147: 2nd Generation Radiotherapy – Prescription and Segment Annotation
  • Supplement 164: Contrast Agent Administration Reporting
  • Supplement 188: Multi-energy CT Images
  • Supplement 206: Extended BCP195 TLS Profile
  • CP 1789: Allow categorical observations without measurements for ROIs in TID 1500​
  • CP 1790: Correct relationship of Reconstruction Algorithm in TID 10013 CT Irradiation Event Data
  • CP 1798: Fix partly inconsistent list of VRs affected by certain types of Attribute Matching
  • CP 1801: Update to the Application Level Confidentiality Profile Attributes table
  • CP 1804: Clarify handling of ICC profiles in WADO-RS for encapsulated images such as JPEG
  • CP 1809: Add Coded form of Institutional Department

The complete list of correction items incorporated and an overview of the changes to the existing 21 (19) parts of the DICOM standard can be found in the official release notes. Details on the changes from the previous edition are shown highlighted in the files with the word “changes” in the filename, which are also referenced on David Clunie’s “DICOM Standard Status” page.

As always, we have updated the DCMTK for the latest changes to the DICOM standard.  However, since the next minor release 3.6.4 is about to come, Supplement 147 and 164 did not yet make it into the public git repository. Please be patient for a few more days…

Update (2018-12-07)

Today, the required DCMTK changes for DICOM 2018e have been made available to the public, which includes the Final Text version of Supplement 147 and 164. That means, the data dictionary, list of UIDs, code definitions and directory records have been updated. What is still missing is full support for the two new Structured Reporting (SR) IODs that have been added with Supplement 164 (Contrast Agent Administration Reporting).

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