Fourth DCMTK snapshot version 3.6.1

Today, a new development snapshot of the DCMTK has been made available. This is the fourth snapshot after the official release of version 3.6.0. As it is true for all snapshots since then, a couple of minor issues have been fixed that were detected after the publication of the previous version. In addition, the toolkit has again been adapted for the latest final text supplements and correction items. This also covers the 2011 edition of the DICOM standard, which has been published a couple of weeks ago.

This snapshot also contains the first version of a new command line tool getscu, which is a C-GET Service Class User based on the still experimental DcmSCU class. Over the last couple of years people have asked for it (from time to time), so we are glad that we can now provide such a tool to you. Please let us know if there is anything that could be improved regarding it. We also started to significantly improve the performance of the DICOMDIR code, i.e. for reading and writing such files. This has become an issue since nowadays it is not unusual to store several thousands or even ten thousands of DICOM objects on a storage medium (as it was at the time when this code was developed).

Further details on what has changed can be found in the corresponding CHANGES file. If you are interested in the differences on a source code level, please check the web interface of our public git repository.

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