Sending DICOM files more easily

Today, an initial version of a new command line tool has been made available as part of the latest development version of the DCMTK. Its name is “dcmsend”. It is a “Simple Storage Service Class User”. This new tool, together with its underlying C++ class DcmStorageSCU, allows for sending arbitrary DICOM files more easily, because:

  • It has less options than the good old storescu.
  • It checks the DICOM files to be sent for creating the list of presentation contexts automatically.
  • It supports on-the-fly decompression of DICOM datasets (if needed).
  • It supports multiple associations (one after the other) to overcome DICOM’s limitation of 128 presentation contexts.
  • It provides a detailed report on the overall transfer, including a list of all SOP instances with their associated DIMSE status.

We hope that you like this new tool. And, of course, it will also be part of the next DCMTK snapshot and release 🙂

Update (2011-11-28)

Since today,  dcmsend can also send all DICOM files referenced from a DICOMDIR with a single call and without loading the files already for association negotiation.

Update (2012-04-20)

Apparently, I forgot to reference the documentation of this command line tool. Here it is!


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