DICOM 2011

A couple of days ago, the DICOM 2011 edition has been made available. The DICOM standard now consists of 20 parts and has more than 4900 pages. Altogether 17 supplements and 96 correction items have been incorporated, based on the previous 2009 edition which had about 4100 pages. Thanks to the editor David Clunie and all working group members for their great work!

We have taken the opportunity to update the current development version of the DCMTK again regarding the data dictionary, the list of SOP classes and so on. This is what we have “promised” in a recent posting. The data dictionary now also contains the tag definitions from the DICOS (Digital Imaging and Communications in Security) standard and some missing retired tags. In addition to the four DICOS-specific SOP classes, support for the two “Eddy Current” SOP classes from the DICONDE (Digital Imaging and Communication in Nondestructive Evaluation) standard has been added.

Of course, all these changes will also be part of the next DCMTK snapshot …

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