When will DCMRT be released?

From time to time we are asked when the DCMTK module for radiation therapy (DCMRT) will be released. The original plan was to have a first release available about a year ago, i.e. March/April 2010. However, for various reasons this did not work. We still hope to have a first public version of this library available in a couple of weeks. Till then, you could either check the online documentation or send us an email and request access to the current development version.

Although the so-called medium-level API is still missing, the library can already be used to read, write, parse, create and modify various DICOM RT objects. The purpose of the upcoming medium-level API is to allow for an abstraction from the lower level DICOM IOD, module and attribute structure of the objects. This is especially useful since more than 99% of the current classes, i.e. of the low-level API, are generated automatically from a machine-readable version of the DICOM standard — including their implementation!

Update (2012-06-06)

Although the medium-level is still incomplete, we’ve decided to move the DCMRT module to the public part of the DCMTK.

Update (2012-10-09)

Since today, a first version of the  so-called medium-level API is available in the public DCMTK git repository. Here’s the corresponding commit. We hope to get some feedback and further improvements from the RT experts …

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