Updated DCMRT (based on DICOM 2014b)

A couple of days ago, I’ve updated the DCMRT module which is part of the current DCMTK snapshot (not of the current release). Previously, the automatically generated C++ classes of the low-level API were based on an unofficial machine-readable version of the 2007 edition of the DICOM standard. Now, since the DICOM standard is officially available in DocBook XML format, we could update these classes with minimal effort only.

As you probably can imagine, there are still some issues with this automatic code generation, mainly because the DICOM RT objects are known to “re-use” the same sequence attributes with different content at various places. Although we’ve made a great effort, there still might be wrong definitions in a few sub-sequences, e.g. the Referenced Beam Sequence (300C,0004) and the Referenced SOP Sequence (0008,1199) are candidates that might not be handled 100% correctly yet.

Anyway, we hope that you’ll appreciate that the DCMRT module is now consistent with the current status of the DICOM standard. Please note that you need to access DCMTK’s public git repository in order to get the latest version of the source code.

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