Tenth DCMTK snapshot version 3.6.1

Yesterday, a new development snapshot of the DCMTK has been made available. This is the tenth snapshot after the official release of version 3.6.0. Due to a change of responsibility, it took more than 12 months to create this new snapshot, but that’s another story… As always, we have updated the code for the latest changes to the DICOM standard. And, we have fixed a number of issues that were detected after the publication of the previous version.

These are the main changes of this snapshot:

  • A new command line tool dcmrecv, which implements a Simple Storage Service Class Provider (SCP), together with its underlying C++ class have been introduced.
  • A threaded version of the SCP class, which can be used to handle multiple network associations within the same process, has been added.
  • Support for international character sets has been enhanced, e.g. by adding GBK and GB2312 for Chinese text encoding.
  • The DICOM Structured Reporting (SR)  module has been further improved, e.g. by adding some recently approved IODs, or by supporting some optional or later introduced features of the DICOM standard.
  • Since a new value representation (VR) “Other Double String” (OD) has been added to the DICOM standard, we extended our implementation accordingly to support this 28th VR.
  • Updated the integrated version of the logging library log4cplus to 1.1.0. New features include new appenders and lock files to synchronize between two processes writing to the same log file.

  • Updated the integrated version of the JPEG-LS library CharLS to 1.0.
  • Updated the various configuration files used for the general build infrastructure,  i.e. GNU autoconf, CMake and Doxygen, to their latest versions respectively.

All details on what has changed can be found in the corresponding CHANGES file. If you are interested in the differences on a source code level, please check the web interface of our public git repository.

I hope the next snapshot will not take another 12 months 🙁

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