DICOM 2017d

A couple of days ago, the 2017d edition of the DICOM standard has been made available on the NEMA server. Compared to the previous edition from July this year, 1 supplement and 30 correction items (CPs) have been incorporated. The standard text now consists of almost 6,000 pages (PDF version).

The supplement and a selection of the correction items are:

  • Supplement 201: Retirement of Radiation Dose Module from Modality Performed Procedure Step​
  • CP 1629: Add Identical Documents Sequence to the Encapsulated Document Module
  • CP 1633: Enhance Specification of Range Matching
  • CP 1664: Add Progress Parameters in UPS Progress Module
  • CP 1675: Add Retain Institution Identity option to Basic Application Level Confidentiality Profile​
  • CP 1680: Add teaching file export related codes
  • CP 1681: Reference to real world value map used during segmentation
  • CP 1687: Allow Segmented Color LUT in Color Palette IOD
  • CP 1691: Add more standard Body Part Examined Defined Terms​

The complete list of correction items incorporated and an overview of the changes to the existing 20 (18) parts of the DICOM standard can be found in the official release notes. Details on the changes from the previous edition are shown highlighted in the files with the word “changes” in the filename, which are also referenced on David Clunie’s “DICOM Standard Status” page.

As always, we have updated the DCMTK for the latest changes to the DICOM standard. That means, the data dictionary, the list of SOP Class and Transfer Syntax UIDs are again up-to-date, i.e. conform to the current status of the standard text. Also the list of  known Structured Reporting (SR) document types, and the Code definitions of the supported Coding Schemes from DICOM part 16 (Content Mapping Resource) have been updated.

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