Receiving DICOM files more easily?

Yesterday, I committed an initial version of a new command line tool to the public git repository of the DCMTK. Its name is “dcmrecv”. It is a “Simple Storage Service Class Provider”. This new tool, together with its underlying C++ class DcmStorageSCP is characterized by the following main features:

  • It has less options than the good old storescp and might, therefore, be easier to use.
  • It has a “slim design” and will definitely be easier to maintain than the existing code :-).
  • The focus of this tool is to receive DICOM C-STORE requests and to store the accompanying data sets to a configurable directory and file structure. That’s all.

Future directions of development are probably:

  • Support multiple associations at a time by using a multi-threaded version of the SCP class, which is already part of the current development version.
  • Accept all valid (or known?) UID values as a Storage SOP Class and Transfer Syntax UID, pretty much like the storescp options “–accept-all” and “–promiscuous”.
  • Add a mode that writes DICOM data exactly as read, similar to the “–bit-preserving” option of storescp. This would also allow for storing large datasets received over the network more efficiently.

We hope that you like this new tool. Of course, it will also be part of the next DCMTK snapshot and release (as it is true for all changes that we commit to the public git repository).

Update (2013-08-30)

Today, I added support for the “bit preserving mode”, an option that might already be known from the storescp.

  • git commit #c60ac04: Added new storage mode options.
  • git commit #25681d8: Added new dataset storage mode.
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