DICOM training courses

About 10 years ago, we started conducting DICOM training courses. At that time we already gained several years of DICOM experience, so we felt confident to talk about something we have a clue about. Our first course was a two-day training about the various aspects of the DICOM standard. Later on, we also offered training courses on our DICOM toolkit DCMTK, a one-day DICOM basics course and several special courses based on what our customers wanted to learn about. And in November this year, we will conduct the first DICOM troubleshooting course (initially, in German language only).

Of course, the content of the training courses is constantly enhanced in the same way as the DICOM standard evolves. Over the last 10 years, we have trained several hundred people, not only in Oldenburg but also in other German and European cities. We hope that we could help the participants of our training courses with the first steps in the “DICOM world”. We also hope that we will have the chance to further provide DICOM training courses in the next 10 years or so. Not only the participants of our training courses learn a lot but also we still learn something new about the DICOM standard — almost every day …

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  1. deesonarnibal02 says:

    May I know how much is your training course per session?
    Anyway, I can speak German.

    Windy – OIC academy Instructor

  2. Thank you for your request. I will respond to it by email …

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